R6.2 Afforestation Works Reports
District Mandal Gram Panchayat
Financial Year Month
  • R6.2.38 THH:Details of Survival of Plantations Raised Under MGNREGS
    A) 2014-2015    
    B) 2015-2016    
  • R6.2.39 Other Plantations
  • R6.2.43 Field verification report of the IJP beneficiaries for Horticulture Plantation
  • R6.2.44 Baseline Survey for Yield & Income of the beneficiaries covered under Horticulture Plantation - MGNREGS since inception i.e., from 2006-07 to 2012-13 Plantations
  • R6.2.45 Other Reports
    A) Progress of Nurseries raised under MGNREGS during the year

    B) Plantation wise progress of pitting and planting
  • R6.2.46 Watch and Ward Payments at PD Login Report
  • R23.6.1 MCC Reports
        A) MCC-5x9 Teak Nursery  
  • R23.6.2 DCC Forest Reports
        A) Forest - Primary Beds
        B) Forest - Raising  
        C) Forest - Conversion and Maintenance  
        D) Horticulture-Raising Nurseries
        E) Horticulture - Maintenance (2017-2018)
        F) ITDA-Raising Nurseries
        G) HMDA-Raising Nurseries
        H) HMDA-Maintenance (2017-2018)
         I) Forest Maintenance for Raising and Conversion(2018-2019)